Be Yourself
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¿What is it to be successful? 

I am sure that it has nothing to do with money or fame. There are plenty of rich and famous people that hate their lives. So then, where should we aim if we are seeking success? During my short life (33) I came to realize that I might never get to that place, in fact I am quite sure that it does not exist and if I ever get to that  place I will loose it right away, because you know how it is, we will always want something new. That is why for me success is not a reachable spot but it is only a mind game, for me it is a way of how you walk your life. My suggestion is that no matter where you are heading, you will only be successful if you have the will and courage to be yourself no matter what no matter where, in that case you already won.

Jorge Peña 
Founder & Executive Director 
JP1985 Studio

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