Our New Exercise: 
Volvo V60 | CGI Better Than Real:

We are a young studio in a third world country. Most of our automotive clients come from our national market (Chile) that still on 2020, does not believe neither really know the capabilities of CGI . We know is not their fault because, one:  - They do not really produce imagery for the industry, these guys are mainly resellers that use the image stock given by the original brand and whenever they need to produce something new, they just focus more on sales than branding, this means that they try to keep it simple with their budget and go the old classic way of retouching an integrating the brand assets on new photoshop built backgrounds -  and two: Image production studios over here, are just starting to learn the automotive CGI techniques and we are just starting to show that we can do this.

In JP1985 I have been trying to boost the automotive CGI for this past 3 years, learning the processes and finding the right 3D artists that really know how to make this look awesome. It has been a complete adventure but I know we are getting there. What do you think? 

Jorge Peña 
Founder & Executive Director 
JP1985 Studio

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